Rose Khor

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DIY guide for the Uninsured: Getting Health Care in Alameda County

2012. Created by Rose Khor and Jack Ian Lin. Informational booklet with hand drawn illustrations and lettering.
Digital offset print. 6 x 6"

If you have been in the situation of needing to see a doctor but did not have health insurance, you’ve probably found yourself lost in a maze of red tape, paperwork, and maybe even hefty bills. Figuring out how to navigate the health care system in our country is very complicated. Many people are unaware of what options are available to them, let alone how to access them. We created this patient-centered guide to help simplify this process. We are two artists that embarked on this project because we simply have too many friends and community members that hold both day jobs and creative jobs, but still can’t get adequate health care. This guide is inspired by these folks, and we hope it reaches many more. Please note, this guide is a resource tool for our current troubled health care system, one that we do not endorse. Our hope is that together we achieve a real solution, a universal health care system that meets the needs of everyone in this country. In October 2012, we held a fundraiser to cover the printing costs of one thousand guides. We met our goal and distributed the guides to local health care clinics, employment offices, recreation centers, libraries, and other community venues.