Rose Khor

40th and MLK Jr. #1
40th and MLK Jr #2
40th and MLK Jr #3
40th and MLK Jr. #4
40th and MLK Jr. #140th and MLK Jr #240th and MLK Jr #340th and MLK Jr. #4

40th St. and MLK Jr. Way

2009. Photomontage
30 x 30", 32 x 22 1/4", 30 x 30", 23 x 30"

This project began as a meditation on urban space. Everyday for 2 months, I photographed a street corner a few blocks away from my home in Oakland. The corner is 40th Street and Martin Luther King, Jr. Way. I photographed at all times of the day, in various light and weather conditions, with different crowds of people. My focal point is the Disneyland billboard that looms high against the sky reading, “Come Live Your Dream.” This photomontage series questions whose dream are we living? Is it the same dream Dr. King envisioned during his poignant “I Have a Dream” speech?