Rose Khor


Artist Statement

My artwork explores the problems and possibilities of historical representation. I explore current political issues through a range of social action, documentation, and research-based strategies. As a visual artist, I use a multiplicity of mediums, including photography, video, performance, and installation. I work with a range of found materials gleaned from discarded refuse to public archives from museums, library collections, and repositories of the digital age. Through the production of art, I aim to locate the voices heard and unheard in the stories we tell about our culture and politics.

In my most recent work, I experiment with camera-less photography by creating photomontages with objects of various dimensionalities. The scanner is the central device that I use, a machine whose purpose it is to duplicate documents with precision. Through the process of scanning, textures and folds are flattened, giving the objects a new materiality. I experiment with the scanner’s sensitivity to depth of field resulting in hills and valleys of light and shadow within these assemblages. The scanner bed becomes a canvas of materials interacting in unexpected ways. Mirrors, self-portraiture, and microscopic viewing are elements that shape this work. The photomontages allude to memories of migration, displacement, exile, and self-reflection.


Rose Khor is a visual artist and filmmaker working primarily with video and photography living in Oakland, California. She received an M.F.A in Art Practice from the University of California at Berkeley and a B.F.A from the University of Florida. Her work has been shown nationally at venues such as the Prairie Center of the Arts, Davis Feminist Film Festival, Berkeley Video & Film Festival, Royal NoneSuch Gallery, Martina Johnston Gallery, SOMArts, Berkeley Art Museum, and Emergency Biennale (California and Chechnya). She is the recipient of grants from the University of California Pacific Rim Research Program and UC Berkeley’s Art Practice and East Asian Languages & Cultures Departments. She has received the William M. and Sue Goza Art History Award, University of Florida and the Roselyn Schneider Eisner Award for Creative Arts, UC Berkeley.

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